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Local Builders

Local Realtors

Michael J Hipple is the local builder we chose to assist us with our log home. He and all of his team not only had great recommendations, they live up to their reputation and our expectations.
Two realtors who excel in their fields that are also personal friends. These ladies can find the property to suit your needs.
MJH Builders Inc.
Angela Conners

Log Home Package

Taryn DeRose
Many companies across the nation offer various log home packages. We found after reviewing and visiting several that none compare to the family owned and run Log Homes of America. We wanted whoever we chose to not only be great at what they do, but to be best for what we needed.

Local Banks

There are many banks and loan institutions ,but not all are able to execute loans that work for building a log home . We found a few to share.
Log Homes of America
B B & T
Farm Credit

Windows and Doors

Doors and windows are an important feature on the home you choose and Jeld-Wen is the preferred brand to give your log home the look you desire.

Travel Trailer Accessory